Not without reason CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-mile) are a popular solution for advertisers.
That’s because of a simple mechanism: you get what you want – you pay. Every time a unique visitor clicks your ad and every time 1000 visitors see your ad, you pay a small fixed fee. It’s easy, it’s for everyone.


It takes only 5 minutes to set up your own campaign. If you face any problem let us know. Our support staff is always ready to help you. You can set any amount of web banners and choose desirable regions for your campaign or set a worldwide target. The site you wish to advertise can be on the any subject, even an adult one.
To start your campaign you need to invest only $10 or more.
There is no worry about your campaign budget.
You can always set a daily limit for each campaign.
Real time reports and stats for each campaign appear immediately on your account dashboard. Without waiting, without any request – that’s because your reports are taken straight from an ad server.
No mercy for fraudsters and their bots or any other tricks!
We monitor our publishers websites and traffic to keep your campaign clean. Our staff detect all false redirections.
Use our geographic and contextual targeting for any campaign. Define country-based range of your visitors and get to your niche. Show your ads everywhere you need and improve campaign results. © All rights reserved